GFM's scaffolding offer

We offer: assembly, disassembly and lease services of scaffolding of all types:

-  elevation (pipes, systems, frames)

- spatial (industrial) scaffolding

- stage, roofing

- stands (e.g. COLOSEUM for the film QUO VADIS)

- construction of suspended scaffoldings

- temporary staircases

- mobile scaffoldings

In addition, we offer the sale of used scaffolding in very good technical condition.


- reliability of workmanship,

- professionalism,

- quick and efficient assembly and disassembly,

- own transport,

- correct technical acceptance

We operate throughout the country, serving both large and small investors. We adapt to the client's needs. Construction of stands, stages, roofings, advertising structures, we design and evaluate individually.

If you have any questions, please contact us by fax at 62 730 50 89 or by e-mail: - company base in Grabowo nad Prosna.